Typology - The Oasis Property



320m2  of bliss re-designed by a Swiss team of architects and designers.

13.760 m2 of orchards and land 40 min from Alicante airport. A stunning place where the notions of light, space, and peace appear in their full dimensions.

Directly next to la Pedrera reservoir, the property is surrounded by orange trees.

Large open spaces, and warm and cosy rooms in which to spend great moments at any time of the day.

The Oasisproperty wakes up caressed by the sunshine with the visit of the partridges, rabbits, hermits and turtledoves  who walk inside the fenced property.

The strength and the colours of the sunsets are captivating , and  when the night comes you only have to let yourself be embraced by the scents and the gentle breeze.

When the period comes, the orange blossom delights  the senses.

The Pedrera area is considered as a wet land protected area, that is why it will never be invaded by any kind of urbanistic proyects.

It is located in a wild and natural environment with no need to renounce to the necessary daily facilities.

Definitively the real sense of luxury, living in contact and harmony with the nature with no limitations and restrictions coming from the community of owners, neighbourhoods or timetables

©2013 - The Oasis Property. Desarrollado por Jose Antonio Martínez. Up
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